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I am a Dora Award-nominated actor and call Toronto my home. Since graduating from the Dramatic Arts program at Brock University in 2016, my career has focused on working as a producer and manager with the audience-specific theatre company: DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT). During my first year in Toronto, I successfully completed The National Voice Intensive which sparked a deep interest in the breath and body and how the two inherently affect our connection with humans on and offstage (or camera). 


With these experiences under my belt, my mission has been to live and create in a way which reminds others of the simplicity of human connection and the complexities of our existence. To eradicate judgement, fear of change, and acceptance of diversity. My multi-disciplinary background (theatre, film, music, photography, and videography) facilitate the growing vision for my practice where I am creating a sustainable and balanced career through art.


Theatre credits include: If on a Christmas Night (DLT), The Stranger (DLT), Off-Limits Zone (DLT), The Tape Escape (Outside The March), and The Curious Voyage (Talk Is Free Theatre); an international, dual continent, 3-day immersive show, managing 2 shows in 2 separate countries. 

Film credits include: Not Long For This World (Vandal Pictures) and Virago (Vandal Pictures).

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